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Florida's cattle industry ranks in the top 15 in the US. It is mostly cow/calf production with very little feedyard or processing capacity. Florida's ranchers are comitted to conservation of the states natural resources. Cattle producers provide jobs for state residents and support a wide variety of businesses such as feed companies, equipment dealers and fertilizer manufacturers. Additionally, Florida's ranchers are strong supporters of Florida's youth. From county fairs to scholarship contests, they have worked hard to give back to theie communities.

Real estate developers are quickly buying up what is left of Florida's pristine ranch land. In an industry with historically low profit margins, it is hard for a rancher to give up cash bonanza for selling their land.

Florida once was a farm rich state, but with continued population growth and development, it is becoming a more urbanized region each year.

The Florida Cattlemen's Association works to create a greater understanding among Florida citizens of the problems faced by cattle ranchers and fact that rural and urban interests are interconnected and interdependent.

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by Ky hills (Posted Tue, 25 Oct 2016 11:09:39 GMT+5)
I don't think that it is possible to predict, except for the fact that the market has always been cyclical and we can be sure that it goes in a cycle we just don't know at what points.

Why won't my rake fold up?
by Bigfoot (Posted Tue, 25 Oct 2016 10:58:08 GMT+5)
hurleyjd wrote:hurleyjd wrote:Bigfoot wrote:
I will try that.

Single action or double action cylinder. Tractor make would help a lot in determining if we can offer any help.

Just make sure that the hoses are hooked into the remote valves correctly. Most are marked some way one may marked with drop and the other raise or pressure. Is it the older version of the Vermeer that has one cylinder versus the newer with two cylinders. I have the older version and if get the pressure side reversed then the cylinder will move a little .

Yes, it's the older version. I bet anything, that's what I've done. I've done so many different configurations, surely I've hit on the right one though.

Weaning time
by coachg (Posted Tue, 25 Oct 2016 10:53:15 GMT+5)
All good this am ! Calves ready for some fresh water,feed and hay. Moms still hanging around .

2017 Supplemetal policies, if you are on SS/Medicare ... ??
by TexasBred (Posted Tue, 25 Oct 2016 10:40:03 GMT+5)
Bestoutwest wrote:TexasBred wrote:Kathie in Thorp wrote:I'd be curious to know what some of you, retired and on medicare, are doing with the upcoming changes in many supplemental health care plans for 2017. We may need to make some changes to hubby's, and I want real comparisons vs. visiting 20 different insurer sites. Thank you.
Actually I'm still covered by my wife's insurance even though she's now retired. It is my primary coverage and medicare is the supplement. I think it's around $80 a month to keep me on her insurance. That includes prescription coverage, vision and dental.

What does she have, God's plan? Man, that's cheap. My mom pays close to $700/month for her and my dad. They have 1 more year until Medicare kicks in and my dad's starting to drool thinking about the money they'll save.
It's through the postal service. Rural Carrriers Benefit Plan through Aetna.

Ready for Football and some Fall Weather
by greybeard (Posted Tue, 25 Oct 2016 10:33:22 GMT+5)
TexasBred wrote:bball wrote:ESPNs Finebaum speculated that Chip will be coming back to Oregon soon...largely based on 49ers record and Oregons record this season. Doesn't sound good for Charlie Strong in Texas either???
Strong is history. Just waiting for the season to be over with. They will win one more game this year...Kansas.
I think they will win 1 as well, but it's going to be the TCU game played in Austin, but since they already committed the UT cardinal sin of losing to the sooners, it won't help the case for Strong.
(Kansas is an away game @ Kansas--horns have had lots of trouble on the road)
As I said in another thread, being ranked #7 in a ten team conference that is the weakest of the power5 is pretty pathetic.

how small is to small?
by Dave (Posted Tue, 25 Oct 2016 10:29:43 GMT+5)
To answer the original question. I buy 750-800 pound heifers every spring and breed them. I always end up with a few teen pregnancies. I calf out the ones that are too late termed to abort with lute. The vast majority do fine. I do lose some calves and knock on wood have yet to lose a heifer.
But I have to agree with JS. While I have made money on diamond in the rough cattle it would be a little tough right now. With the cattle market what it is at the present time there are a lot of real good bred heifers for sale cheap. I mentioned on here a month ago that I watched 5 bred heifers with Feb-March calves in them that weighed 888 bring $620. There is a whale of a difference in calf delivery between a 750 pound heifer and one a tick under 900.
It doesn't matter one lick to me what someone else spends on cattle. But in my humble opinion this is the time to up grade and buy the best there is. It will serve the buyer and the industry as a whole, a lot better in the long run.

Affordable health care.
by HDRider (Posted Tue, 25 Oct 2016 10:24:18 GMT+5)
no matter where you go, there you are

Cow and Calf prices.
by hurleyjd (Posted Tue, 25 Oct 2016 10:15:23 GMT+5)
Jogeephus wrote:Caustic Burno wrote:Jo when emus went bust back a few years ago fellow that had a farm of them turned them loose in the woods.
Run into one of them before daylight heading to the deer stand where there ain't supposed to be no such creature in the thicket.
Double aught takes them out right now as far as eatin emu I have had it three times first last and only.

That's where this one came from to. Someone made so much money with them they just turned them all loose. I guess they couldn't bear making so much money.

They should have bought Ostriches. Or miniature donkeys.

by tncattle (Posted Tue, 25 Oct 2016 09:58:14 GMT+5)
We don't "feed" anything, we have the grass & hay to keep everything.

tire water trough
by greybeard (Posted Tue, 25 Oct 2016 09:50:21 GMT+5)
M5--That's still lots better than a 350 gal Behlen Country galv tank I bought 4 yrs ago. Washed it out last week and there's a pinhole rusted in the bottom already. I guess I'll braze it up and maybe get another year out of it before letting my wife use it for a flower container.

EPA Expands Power
by Margonme (Posted Tue, 25 Oct 2016 09:48:37 GMT+5)
zirlottkim wrote:QUOTED Margnome:"Administrative law is the body of law that governs the activities of administrative agencies of government. Government agency action can include rulemaking, adjudication, or the enforcement of a specific regulatory agenda. Administrative law is considered a branch of public law. As a body of law, administrative law deals with the decision-making of administrative units of government (for example, tribunals, boards or commissions) that are part of a national regulatory scheme in such areas as police law, international trade, manufacturing, the environment, taxation, broadcasting, immigration and transport. Administrative law expanded greatly during the twentieth century, as legislative bodies worldwide created more government agencies to regulate the social, economic and political spheres of human interaction. " Zirlottkim "Administrative law expanded greatly during the twentieth century" and look how corrupt an administer in current govt can be with no repercussions. Well maybe a few hearings and some verbal lashings by a few just to get their names on "tabloid news" but nothing else. Different set of rules for "administers maybe? Do as your told, not as "we" in govt does. All that means to me is more govt control & less LIBERTY.

I appreciate and respect your philosophy on administrative law.

What would you propose to put in its place to protect society from the adverse practices that damage our country and our property? As an example, to prevent your neighbors from discharging harmful substances into a creek that your cows drink from.

Southern Excellence Bull Development and Sale
by Bestoutwest (Posted Tue, 25 Oct 2016 09:43:02 GMT+5)
I like them all, but I liked 61 the best. Good luck at the sale, you guys have brought some wonderful cattle.

Thermal Imaging - Handheld
by alisonb (Posted Tue, 25 Oct 2016 09:42:04 GMT+5)
Looking for advice from anybody in the know how please. I have just started researching the subject and it would seem that there are many Brands and products out there and that has me befuddled.

All I'm looking for is a handheld monocular or bi-ocular that has a range of at least 600 yards, has no fancy camera or back up system but has a battery that will last for abt 10hrs. It will be used for Law Enforcement and Surveillance. Went to a FLIR LS-X demo the other evening, it was really disappointing, could only pick up image at about 200 yrds(specs indicate range as 600 yrds)...it was in the bush though. As soon as our 'runner' was about 200 yrds away and hid behind a couple of bushes we lost him. These things are expensive I know but am looking in the region of $3500-$4000.

Thanks in advance.

Just Ordered for My Wife
by Bestoutwest (Posted Tue, 25 Oct 2016 09:35:35 GMT+5)
M-5 wrote:A little off topic but I write my name and phone number with the dogs name on calf tag and use a key ring to attach to my dog collars . I also use them on the tractor keys and write check oil on one side and check water on other, My boys will jump on a tractor to do something and never check fluids if I don't remind them.

Are you suggesting that Slick check his wife's fluid levels?

Pharo Influenced Heifers ?
by RanchMan90 (Posted Tue, 25 Oct 2016 09:22:51 GMT+5)
Muddy wrote:RanchMan90 wrote:A pot load of 4 weight steers will bring more than a pot load of 5 weight steers is the theory. Due to there being more head on that load and the lighter weights bringing more per pound. Works the same with stocking rates, I haven't jumped on that bandwagon myself yet.
There is a huge difference between the price of a 4weight 5 framed calf and a 4weight 3 framed calf.
Yes there is. They gotta have frame

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Computers and the Internet have turned many businesses upside down and in many cases, eliminated them entirely. In this technological movement for improvement farmers seem to be ahead of ranchers.
Beef, in general is a quality, healthy product that has enjoyed a place in the world's diet for thousands of years. The world is a changing place, however, and as most of us are well aware, consumer's attitudes toward food, in general are changing.
Even though it seems barely out of its infancy, national herd expansion may be coming to an end.
Some ranchers hold their calves over as yearlings, to sell later when they are bigger, and some people buy light calves in the spring to put on grass and grow them to a larger weight. Some put weaned calves into a confinement program—a drylot situation where they are fed a growing ration—until these calves are ready to go to a finishing facility. The term “backgrounding” covers a broad spectrum that could also include preconditioning after weaning.

There are several ways to castrate calves and bulls. Regardless of the method, it's generally less stressful for the animal at a young age. Daniel Thomson, Kansas State University (Professor of Production Medicine and Epidemiology) says that castration, dehorning, branding are necessary but painful for the animal.

Wildlife enthusiasts often ask how to attract more animals to their property, and the answer is more complicated than most people realize.
Spring-born calves will soon be arriving at auction markets, but producers should consider a weaning plan that will help keep calves healthier and happier, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service beef cattle specialist in Overton.
The University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and College of Veterinary Medicine are offering a unique training opportunity for cattlemen who want more information on how to assist cows and heifers having difficulty calving.
It's no secret that replacement heifers are some of the most valuable animals in your herd; however, value goes hand in hand with vulnerability. With recent record-high costs to develop replacement females, it may be time to consider a refresh on your replacement heifer program.
Cow herd owners leery of the futures market or insurance for risk management can look to quality beef for protection.
In Part 1 of this series we began a discussion of the transition process taking calves from the cow/calf sector on to the next stage of production. The initial destination may be one of several including a grazing stage, preconditioning operation, feedyard or some variation of these. In any case, the transition stage with the handling, transportation, lack of feed and water, comingling with other animals and the associated exposure to pathogens to which the calf has no immunity, all work together to create an extremely challenging situation. This commonly results in sickness in the calf, from which it may or may not fully recover. Worst-case it can result in the complete loss of the animal. All of these scenarios result in significant economic loss to the owner at whatever stage it occurs.
I've got the scars to prove that I've spent a good chunk of my life fixing and installing fence. Those fences could be sorted one of two ways: they were either defensive or offensive fences.
Aunt Pinky's Irish disposition was easily ruffled, but she was harder to scare than a slab of granite. That's why Hooter was extra shaken when his aunt grabbed his arm with one hand, scratched for the door handle with the other, and commanded him to stop, all at the same time.
Calving season discussion is often a heated debate among beef producers. Should I calve in the spring or the fall? Do I need to pull my bull? Is it better to be committed to selling calves at a certain time of year or should I have calves available year round? These are common questions beef producers often ask themselves, their neighbors, and the experts when trying to make management decisions. There are two key points that need to be considered when making calving season (or lack thereof decisions: management and marketing.
A lot can change in 10 years. A quick glance at my family Christmas card provides proof. From a picture of an old Kansas farmhouse to today's Nebraska-based scene, where nearly half a dozen smiling faces fill the frame, transformation is obvious.

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