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Florida's cattle industry ranks in the top 15 in the US. It is mostly cow/calf production with very little feedyard or processing capacity. Florida's ranchers are comitted to conservation of the states natural resources. Cattle producers provide jobs for state residents and support a wide variety of businesses such as feed companies, equipment dealers and fertilizer manufacturers. Additionally, Florida's ranchers are strong supporters of Florida's youth. From county fairs to scholarship contests, they have worked hard to give back to theie communities.

Real estate developers are quickly buying up what is left of Florida's pristine ranch land. In an industry with historically low profit margins, it is hard for a rancher to give up cash bonanza for selling their land.

Florida once was a farm rich state, but with continued population growth and development, it is becoming a more urbanized region each year.

The Florida Cattlemen's Association works to create a greater understanding among Florida citizens of the problems faced by cattle ranchers and fact that rural and urban interests are interconnected and interdependent.

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Black Angus Heifer has me worried
by Margonme (Posted Sun, 28 Aug 2016 10:59:57 GMT+5)
You have a good heart!!! A man should care about other living creatures. It is fundamental to animal husbandry.

If she is not limping and the swelling is not excessive, I would not take any action except watching to see what transpires.

It could be early stage of foot rot. Or a physical sprain. Watch her. Good luck.

Limousin X Hereford
by Rusty Faucet (Posted Sun, 28 Aug 2016 10:58:26 GMT+5)
I have seen some Hereford Limousin cross cows that would be hard to beat for any operation in the Plains or Northwest parts of the country...they gave just the correct amount of milk and bred back in good time...always stayed in good shape and were tough as nails in taking bad weather cold or dry.

New Cow Pens
by Supa Dexta (Posted Sun, 28 Aug 2016 10:51:37 GMT+5)
Use a pilot hole for lags.

I like real tuff / sioux steel and arrow.Although the arrow is more $$ Havent used a formost.

by Margonme (Posted Sun, 28 Aug 2016 10:43:39 GMT+5)
You know. I was at Inyati's little cottage last night. Poor guy said he misses Cattle Today since he was banned. He said it is no fun talking science with Professors and Educated people. He said it is not engaging when the audience holds your same philosophy and values. He said it was a lot more fun poking at the Christian Conservative Culture on CT. He even had a small tear in his eye and his voice broke when he confessed that he actually loved these folks here.

by callmefence (Posted Sun, 28 Aug 2016 10:42:03 GMT+5)
I'm gonna speak on my personal experience with this. My oldest son is a hardworking , honest providing father for his Wife and two kids. He choose to strike out on his own early, and has never looked back. I would imagine he'll never need another thing from me or my wife.
His year younger brother is serving a four year sentence in the Texas doc prison. For his second meth offense. I haven't seen him in two years. The first time he got in trouble he served 9 months in the state jail and got out with 5 years probation. Over the period of a couple years (working for me) he saved a good bit of money. Bought a nice truck and then moved out of my place into his own. Within 6 months I knew he was using again.
I was out by the shop one day, and I found on the ground shaving bag. It had baggies and about 3000.00 cash in it. I drove to his house and woke Him up . I ask did you lose something? He said yea I lost a case with some money in it. I handed it to him and said your world's fixing to fall apart boy. Take that money and pay whoever you owe, and walk away.
Maybe I made a big mistake right there. But it was my decision and I made it. He ended up getting caught a month or so later and that was that.
I've been honest so far and will do the same with my opinion. Chisholm is the hardest working young man I've ever seen. Tough as nails. Amazing with horses. But, he's always been very shy and withdrawn. He gets tongue tied very nervous around girls. His older brother is just the opposite. Outgoing and funny. Makes friends at the gas pumps. People are drawn to him. I think Chisholm was very overshadowed by his brother.
I believe he felt like the drug culture accepted him. At a time when he was quite vulnerable.
I believe that initially it was about the game not the high. He felt accepted and popular with people other than family. Eventually that changed.
He always worked so he had money. Didn't steal Rob or beg. I believe the probation system put him back in contact with the drug culture. I m not placing blame for his shameful and disgraceful behaviour.
I've never been to visit him. His mother goes bi weekly . Says his head his covered in scares from having to fight. I 've wrote him once. I told him I would give him the chance to be forgiven. As long as he returns not covered in tattoos and talking like a thug. I will provide him with room and board, and a job I still have his truck. He can have it back when he pays of all the debts he owes. I make no excuses for him. If someone wants to say shoot him behind the ear , I kinda of agree..
Of course in reality they would have to go through me first.
Again no excuses, just don't turn your back. It can happen to any family, and happen very fast.

He is eligible for parole in October.

Getting my rifle back
by Nesikep (Posted Sun, 28 Aug 2016 10:29:12 GMT+5)
Well.. I think there is such a thing as overkill.. My dad used this rifle to shoot a pigeon once (what pigeon?)

Fall yearling Hereford Bulls
by elkwc (Posted Sun, 28 Aug 2016 10:03:09 GMT+5)
TT thanks for the pics and rear shot. It is hard to find that type around here. Danny that wasn't soecically meant for you but all posters of pics. I know I'm not alone in liking to see rear end and front end shots. Many doing videos eliminate the rear erase the rear end shots. Have hadd visits with some on why they do.

Market not that bad
by Margonme (Posted Sun, 28 Aug 2016 10:03:05 GMT+5)
Clodhopper wrote:Margonme wrote:Clodhopper wrote:What's the only thing you can invest in that has been and always be here until the end of time? Land! I've had investments for my entire adult life, and the land I'm using (that's the way I look at it, it will be around much longer than I am) has made me just as much money and been much more fulfilling than any of the mutual funds I own a part of. A successful farmer in my area was quoted as saying once, when it came to investment, "if I can't drive across it or it don't have hair on it, I'm not interested." I agree with him, after riding the stock market roller coaster.
If it were all about money, I would sell myself to lonely old widow women for pleasure!

In terms of geologic time, land and oceans are as ephemeral as dust in the wind.
As is keeping the quasi-intellectual on the topic of conversation.

Please don't be annoyed. Others may appreciate a little salt and pepper with their market discussion.

Does time end? Bible says no. But the Universe as we know it may end.

Clodhopper, you should ignore the following if it annoys you:

In our experience, nothing ever really ends. When we die, our bodies decay and the material in them returns to the earth and the air, allowing for the creation of new life. We live on in what comes after. But will that always be the case? Might there come a point sometime in the future when there is no ?after?? Depressingly, modern physics suggests the answer is yes. Time itself could end. All activity would cease, and there would be no renewal or recovery. The end of time would be the end of endings.

How much Magnesium?
by bball (Posted Sun, 28 Aug 2016 10:00:26 GMT+5)
artesianspringsfarm wrote:

Really do appreciate your insight bball. You anywhere close to Indianapolis by chance? I'm there quite often.

Bout an hour and a half north of Indy. My 2 oldest attend college there, so I get there fairly often. Where are you located in upstate NY. I lived in the southern tier for 6 years. Beautiful country.

Muscovy Duck
by slick4591 (Posted Sun, 28 Aug 2016 09:56:50 GMT+5)
I would have to assume it's probably a young drake that's been ran out of the flock by the more mature guys. That's about the only way they will leave their flock.

Red Angus Bull Calf & a few other pictures
by elkwc (Posted Sun, 28 Aug 2016 09:56:10 GMT+5)
Nice cattle. Like your Red Angus. Have never seen any of those bloodlines around here. Like the rear pics

Houston, we may have a problem
by Jogeephus (Posted Sun, 28 Aug 2016 09:35:41 GMT+5)
Lazy M wrote:Jogeephus wrote:Yep, that's why I'm not so eager to go cut those "free hayfields" I'm offered from time to time.
You mean those free clean hayfields like I cut this spring and ended up spending as much time pulling 16 gauge wire out of my mower as I did laying down hay..

I bet the fella that got you to mow his field for nothing gave plenty of assurances the field was clean.

kenny thomas wrote:Jo, the string is better than the roller belt I wrapped around mine 2 nights ago. Much neater also.

I bet that was fun removing that. Twine was bad enough.

by skyhightree1 (Posted Sun, 28 Aug 2016 09:25:58 GMT+5)
Happy birthday you radish sandwich eater from way back.

Breeding to resell
by Stocker Steve (Posted Sun, 28 Aug 2016 09:13:17 GMT+5)
Are they waiting for $1250 ?

by Caustic Burno (Posted Sun, 28 Aug 2016 09:01:26 GMT+5)
Margonme wrote:Caustic Burno wrote:I have tried it all Sabre with an IGR program is the best I have found.

I use IGR mineral. I used Sabre until this year. I used Ultra Boss. It seems to work better.

Used Boss seems they become immune to what ever you use if you don't switch from year to year.

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Recently my family bought a camper. I was on the phone describing it to my mom, as she asked, “You mean, there's a wall right there? The bed folds down – how?”
After two years of historic high cattle prices, a record 1,900 producers attending the Texas A&M Beef Cattle Short Course in College Station learned more about the current decline in prices and maintaining profitability despite declining profit margins.
“It is almost certain that finished cattle have put in their summer lows as prices have found support,” explained Andrew P. Griffith, agricultural economist at the University of Tennessee.
If you want to catch a glimpse of a real cowboy here are ten places NOT to look.
A sound marketing program is an integral part of any cattle production operation. Too many producers engage in cattle production without ever establishing a well thought out marketing and sales system.
Jerry Etheredge, Montgomery, Ala., was elected president of the Livestock Marketing Association (LMA). In this role, Etheredge will complete a two-year term leading the nation's largest livestock marketing trade association that represents more than 800 local livestock auction markets and allied businesses.
If you have sold a calf recently, I don't have to tell you that calf prices have dropped significantly from 2015. Last year, you could sell about anything and get good money for it; but now, you have to have a good calf to bring the best price. In the right market, preconditioned calves still bring the most money, and there is a good return on healthy calves. Besides a health premium, farmers also sell a heavier calf.
“The prosperity of this entire industry lies with the consumer.” Ag economist Ted Schroeder made that statement during the recent Beef Improvement Federation meetings in Manhattan, Kan., June 15-17, but it summed up the theme of the opening session.
Andy White, Ashland, Ohio, proved his world-class talent as a livestock auctioneer at the 53rd anniversary of Livestock Marketing Association's (LMA) World Livestock Auctioneer Championship (WLAC). Paris Stockyards in Paris, Ky. hosted the contest on Saturday, June 18.
As we approach the heat of the summer months, many producers are battling the heat and humidity that is an integral part of life in the south. Summer brings with it rising temperatures and typically decreasing animal performance.
Green grass, blue skies and good cattle greeted buyers and bidders alike at the beautiful Neches River Ranch west of Jacksonville, Texas on April 23, 2016 for the annual spring GENETRUST Registered and Commercial Brangus Female Sale hosted by Cavender Ranches.
In the May 30 edition of the Auction Exchange there was an ad celebrating the Midwest Auctioneer Roundup contest in Shipshewana, Indiana. There were pictures of the winners, contestants and one precious little three or four year old girl with her hands covering her ears.
Maintenance and development of a quality purebred cow herd requires selection of proper genetics and an ongoing input of new breeding females. One of the most important questions the producer must ask is: “do I buy my replacements or do I develop them from within my own herd?”
At the risk of sounding like the proverbial busted record, while revenue matters to the fortunes of cow-calf operations, cost matters more.
The Crimson Classic Santa Gertrudis Sale was held April 30, 2016 in Cullman, Ala.

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